Two Design Lovers recently had the pleasure of chatting briefly with one of Australia’s most influential home and lifestyle bloggers, Jen Bishop. Find out her biggest design secret and what she’s got in store for 2020! 

Two Design Lovers Jen Bishop...share your biggest design secret

Is design an art or a science?

Definitely a bit of both!

Two Design Lovers Jen Bishop Living Room

Do you have any go-to colour or pattern combinations?

Anything with navy! I do have a soft spot for fuchsia and navy. This was my wedding colour scheme and is also my master bedroom scheme, with deep navy walls and a fuchsia velvet custom bedhead.

Two Design Lovers Jen Bishop Bedroom

How do you balance style, comfort and functionality?

By remembering that both are really important but to differing degrees. A sofa or a bed really need to be comfortable. But accent pieces like side tables and even armchairs can afford to be more form over function!

When renovating your home is there a specific item you typically use as a starting point?(eg rug, artwork, statement piece) 

When we started our own home, it was all about floors, paint and window coverings setting the scene.

Interiors Addict Jen Bishop Photography Jacqui Turk

What was your greatest discovery in 2019?

The Illume skylight alternative: Check out how Jen has used the skylight in both her bathroom and hallway renovation. Both spaces are now flooded with beautiful, natural looking light.

Jen Bishop Bathroom Renovation

What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

Finishing the exterior of our home. We’ve almost finished renovating the entire inside, and now it’s time for the outside to catch up and get a facelift!

At Two Design Lovers our focus is on finding the balance between style and sustainability. Do you have any tips for sustainability conscious decorators?

I think this is more of a mindset thing: it’s about not automatically starting every project thinking you need to buy everything brand new. Think about using pieces from elsewhere in your home, upcycling op shop finds or heirlooms, and saving up a bit longer to buy something you really love so it’s less likely to become disposable and more likely to stay with you for years and through different homes.

Can you tell us what exciting things we can expect from Interiors Addict this year?

More of the same great content, events and an online course!

What is your favourite piece on 2DL ?

I love the upcycled washstand. What a unique piece full of character!

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