If you’re anything like us, you love decorating and redecorating your home, and there are always new and innovative designs providing inspiration. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are four affordable decorating ideas to transform your home.

Let There Be Light

Well-placed lighting can add a new dimension to any space, creating not just light, but also shade, energy and ambience. In fact, lighting can completely transform the mood of a room, depending on its style, size and shape and an eye-catching design will also add a point of interest. Consider whether you need ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting, keeping in mind many rooms will feature all three. Ambient or mood lighting fixtures, include chandeliers such as this striking French chandelier or this stylish Brokis Balloon table lamp, can set the atmosphere for a room. Wall lights like this classic Clarkson Double Sconce are a great way to illuminate a hallway or as accent lights above bedside tables.

Parterre Antique French wrought Iron and crystal chandelier

Parterre, Antique French Chandelier

Available now on Two Design Lovers

State of the Art

Art is one of the most powerful home decorating tools. It adds colour, texture and interest to any room and helps you tell a story through interior design. Art can be expensive, for sure, but it’s an investment. It can also be affordable – a print such as this Willi’s Bar poster found in Paris, or an oversized original art canvas that delivers a wash of colour such as Joan Blond’s Timeless Garden fits the remit. Colourful yet tranquil, this artwork would be the focal point of any room. Likewise, Millthorpe Afternoon by Loretta Blake delivers a burst of colour sure to lift the mood and evoke emotion. Remember, artwork isn’t restricted to paintings hung on walls. Sculpture and other less traditional art forms can be equally impactful.

Two Design Lovers Fenton and Fenton

Get the look on Two Design Lovers with Loretta Blake’s Millthorpe Afternoon

Rug Up

Rugs can be a game-changer when it comes to both the look and feel of a room. They inject character, colour and texture, and can act as a statement piece. And they serve more practical purposes too: offering sound absorption on hardwood floors and protection for carpets, adding warmth to hallways, or helping to creating zones in open-plan spaces. With its inviting tones of pink, red and soft sage green, this exquisite and richly patterned Persian Tabriz is sure to add character to any space.

Two Design Lovers Persian Tabriz rug pink in situ

Persian Tabriz Carpet

Available now on Two Design Lovers

Accessories, Darling!

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen your home interior is to add or replace accessories. Think bright or patterned cushions, pots and planters, mirrors, or even a feature furniture piece. Mirrors are a big player in interior design, adding functionality as well as helping open and brighten a space if positioned well. Plus there’s the decorative factor as evidenced by this ornate mirror with gilt frame. When it comes to statement furniture, secondhand designer or vintage pieces can deliver the same opulence at a more affordable price.

Statement Furniture

When it comes to statement furniture, secondhand designer or vintage pieces can deliver the same opulence at a more affordable price. Take the iconic Eames La Chaise lounge chair. Charles and Ray Eames designed the elegant lounge chair La Chaise for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1948. It was inspired by the ‘Floating Figure’ sculpture by Gaston Lachaise. The lounge chair has long since established itself as an icon of organic design. Manufactured by Vitra, it retails at $16,070, but is available for less than half the price here.

Vitra Eames La Chaise lounge chair

Vitra Eames La Chaise

Available now on Two Design Lovers

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