Unparalleled comfort, reliability and classic styling. These are the foundations of the Minotti brand which have enabled the company to celebrate more than 70 years of creating fine furniture.

About Minotti

Minotti was established in 1948 in the area north of Milan, conveniently servicing the wealthy businessmen who commuted between Milan and their vacation homes on Lake Como. This part of Italy thrived in the industrial surge of the post war years, and Minotti’s story of an artisanal workshop embracing modern technologies was not uncommon. Minotti caught the wave of this progress, albeit at a slow and steady pace which has characterised its approach ever since.

minotti blog technology
Technology and craftsmanship are keystones of the Minotti brand

While rival firms such as Cassina were collaborating with design icons Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand for their I Maestri collection, Minotti was more low key. Local architect and designer Gigi Radice began creating signature furniture sets for Minotti and was commissioned to build a family home and factory. Radice’s legacy is reflected in the high prices at auction of these early furniture pieces and the descendant Minnoti family remain deeply attached to the home he designed.

minotti blog chairs
Designs by Radice for Minotti are still sought after today

In 1998, the sons of Alberto Minotti, now running the company, made the bold move of appointing experienced and renowned Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni as artistic director. It’s a relationship that continues until today. ‘Dordoni doesn’t just design products—he curates everything Minotti does. This holistic process has propelled the company to steady growth, challenging arguably better-known brands such as Kartell and Artemide.’ (Departures)

minotti blog 2019 collection
‘Quadrado’ from the 2019 collection

Continuity and consistency are concepts that run through the Minotti brand:

Over the years the company has conceived a specific “Minotti code”, that has become a constant feature of every collection, always following the key principle of “innovation in the spirit of continuity”. Deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, it is linked to the principles of aesthetic understatement, timeless elegance, continuity in the sign of tradition, artisan savoir-faire with great attention to sartorial details. (Minotti)

Minotti is not a brand that will ever be synonymous with experimental or short term whimsical products. Each piece is considered, contributing to a collection, and each collection furthers the vision of the brand. The company is now run by the children and grandchildren of the founder. The architectural and artistic collaboration have been long term, first with Radice and now with Dordoni. There is omnipresent consistency of style, attention to detail and reverence for quality and craftsmanship. These are all factors which make Minotti a brand to acquire and enjoy for generations. It is made to last and will never be out of style. That is the DNA of Minotti.

minotti blog family
(L) The children and grandchildren of Alberto Minotti run the business today; (R) The family home designed by Radice

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