Fermob makes fun, iconic outdoor furniture that celebrates joie de vivre, French style. Sustainable materials and exceptional quality assurance are even more reasons to smile. Join the community of #fermobpeople!

Fermob makes iconic garden furniture

Fermob is a combination of the French words ‘fer’ meaning iron and ‘mob’ a shortening of ‘mobilier’ or furniture. The company, which originated as a craftsman’s workshop in the late 18th century, had the fortuitous idea of taking its skill in making iron architectural features and applying it to the making of garden furniture.

If you’ve ever been in France, chances are you’ve sat on, or at least seen, a Fermob chair! Dotted around the parks and cafes are the iconic metal chairs made by Fermob that the world has come to love including folding Bistro chairs and tables and Luxembourg chairs, which were initially created for the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

Fermob image 9
Luxembourg chairs

The Bistro chair, with its slatted seat and back on a folding frame, was invented in the late 1800s at around the same time as the Eiffel Tower was constructed. Just like the famous tower, the Fermob Bistro chair has become symbolic of Paris life. Fittingly, in 2014 on the 125th anniversary of both the Eiffel Tower and the bistro chair design, Fermob created a whimisical tower of 134 red Bistro chairs representing the 134 metre height of the tower. 

Fermob image 2
In celebration of 125 years of Fermob and the Eiffel Tower
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Fermob invests in design and technology

Given the worldwide recognition of Fermob today, it’s hard to believe that in the 1980s, challenged by the rise in popularity of plastic outdoor furniture, Fermob’s sales were dwindling. A visionary new CEO, Bernard Reybier, answered this challenge by making significant investments in R&D and cutting edge industrial processes. In addition the company reworked historical designs, such as the Bistro chair, by reinventing them with colour and a sense of fun. Fermob also collaborated with prominent designers from many different nationalities and backgrounds to expand the range and credibility of the brand enabling it to become a leading force in contemporary design. The range now incorporates the flagship designs along with diverse new functional items such as lighting, trays, trivets and firewood holders.

Fermob image 4
Colourful trays and fun trivets in the Fermob range

Fermob insists on quality and sustainability

This turn around would not have been possible without a high quality product. All Fermob products – around 600,000 items per year – are made in France at the Thoissey factory. Stringent quality control is carried out at all stages of the production process and each product is signed off by its inspector. This personal responsibility ensures a high quality finish and differentiates Fermob from mass production competitors. 

Concern for the environment has long been an essential part of the DNA of Fermob. The furniture is largely made of metal – either steel or aluminium – which is globally recyclable. Paint finishes are solvent free and applied in a zero release facility, ensuring the health of employees, consumers and the environment are not adversely affected. And, conscious decision making is applied throughout the production process to conserve energy and water useage.

Sustainability standards extend to the finishes on the products as well. On metal work a UV protective coating is applied to help keep the products looking good for longer – which is an important way to conserve resources in the long run. When it comes to choosing fabric suppliers for upholstery, Fermob insists on canvas components being from recycled materials and for the finished fabric to have technical qualities that are comfortable yet durable and water resistant.

Fermob image 10
Chairs from the Sixties and Rhythmic collections, Inside Out table

Spoilt for choice with 24 colours in the Fermob range

And then there are the metal paint colours; 24 in total with a selection that evolves each year. Consumers can create any number of wonderful combinations when mixing and matching colours. But if it all gets to be too much choice, Fermob have some suggested groupings to help you get the idea of how to combine. Take a look at the Fermob colours here. 

Fermob colours 2020
The 2020 Fermob colours
Fermob image 7
Cocotte collection side table, Monceau bench

Added colour in soft furnishings

The upholstered furniture is offered in basic colour ways with zing injected by the graphic, bright and retro designs for scatter cushions. This flexibility for customers is a great draw for being able to create garden settings that are unique and individual. 

Fermob image 1
Beautiful, colourful fabrics from the Fermob range

#fermobpeople is about connection

Nowadays, Fermob’s worldwide success can be attributed to its unerring insistence on beautiful design and high quality sustainable production. The brand is renowned for its colourful outdoor furniture that represents its unique take on French joie de vivre: where people create connection with each other and a love of the outdoor environment. #fermobpeople is a worldwide celebration of the diversity of people, places and furniture that is Fermob today.

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Balad rechargeable outdoor lamp

Get to know more about Fermob at 

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Images have been printed with the permission of Fermob.