Kvadrat Maharam is one of the leading fabric suppliers for commercial and residential fabrics with a range that is favoured by designers around the world. We are pleased to be able to help Two Design Lovers customers access these beautiful fabrics to refresh second hand furniture pieces.

Kvadrat Maharam fabrics and Two Design Lovers 2

Kvadrat Maharam fabrics are perfect for updating second hand designer furniture

We’re so thrilled to announce we have aligned with Kvadrat and Maharam to help you source upholstery fabrics for your Two Design Lovers purchase.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with the restoration of a used item of furniture. Our aim is to make buying second hand furniture as easy as possible so we are excited to be able to help with samples and fabric ordering from Kvadrat Maharam.

Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performance design textiles for both commercial and residential interiors and Maharam is the leader in the field in North America.

Kvadrat Maharam fabrics and Two Design Lovers

Do you know Kvadrat and Maharam fabrics?

Denmark-based Kvadrat and US-based Maharam combine to offer the largest range of textiles available worldwide. With both companies being driven by an ambition to innovate, they frequently work with leading designers, architects and artists, with the results being characterized by simplicity, colour and cutting-edge creativity.

The choice of fabrics is awesome. Kvadrat create all their fabrics from wool and Maharam use technical innovation to blend natural and recycled and synthetic yarns for a luxurious feel at a competitive price point.

Sustainability gets us excited

We love seeking out sustainable options with style in mind. Kvadrat have sustainability as a guiding principle  –

…we seek to instil circular thinking into every aspect of our operations. This starts with considering ‘waste’ as a valuable resource and extends to conception, sourcing, design, production, use and re-use. Durability is another key criterion for us: the longer our products are utilised, the better for the environment, as we respect the resources available to us.

Maharam offers products that reduce environmental impact without compromising design, performance or affordability. Each product is assigned specific goals for reduced environmental impact during development. Find out more here.

Feeling inspired?

Re-upholstering pre-owned designer furniture is a sustainable way to decorate and the choice of beautiful colours and textures from the Kvadrat Maharam range is truly inspiring.

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