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Smart choice! Beautiful things deserve a beautiful setting.

Two Design Lovers is the best online marketplace for your pre-loved home furnishings.

Selling with us is easy!

1. First, use our contact form to send us a quick message describing your designer or authentic vintage furniture that you would like to sell. Please note, at present we can only accept consignments from Sydney and Melbourne.

2. We will be in touch to get further details and ascertain whether your item meets our criteria.

3. We will help you create a beautifully presented listing that appeals to buyers.

4. We will contact you when your item sells so we can coordinate delivery to the buyer.

6. You get paid, less our 25% commission.

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What are you waiting for?

Turn your pre-loved home furnishings into cash!

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Concierge service

If you are short on time, we can come to your home to photograph and detail the item for your listing.
Get in touch via our Contact page and select ‘Concierge Service’ in the enquiry list. Let us know where you are located, and a brief description of the items you wish to list and we’ll get back to you to set up an appointment.

Our promise

  • We help you get paid what your item is really worth.
  • We work our magic on your photos to beautifully present your item.
  • We describe your item to showcase its intrinsic value.
  • We curate and organise our selection so that your item is easy to find.
  • We market to a design-savvy community.
  • We provide a secure online payment platform that buyers appreciate.
  • We coordinate professional delivery so you don’t have to.
  • We take care of logistics, making it easier for you and for buyers.

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FAQs for Sellers

What is a Professional Seller?2018-12-06T02:37:07+11:00

If you have a registered business with an ABN and are retailing, wholesaling or producing items of home decor or art that you would like to offer on Two Design Lovers, you may wish to join our Professional Seller Programme. To discover the benefits of this programme please send an enquiry to quoting your ABN, business name or artist name.

How do I decide my Selling Price?2018-12-06T02:37:07+11:00

If you are unsure how to value your item, we are happy to assist.
Get in touch via our contact page and select ‘I’d like to sell something’ in the ‘My enquiry is about…’ field.

How do you calculate commission?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

We calculate 25% commission on Your Selling Price.
Your Selling Price is the price you advise for your listing. (Note that the Final Listing Price that appears online is your Selling Price plus our calculated shipping and handling.)

How do you calculate delivery charges?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

We use the address you give us for the item location, the item description and dimensions as the starting point. Working with our professional delivery partners we calculate the cost to deliver that item within our standard postcode range within the Sydney metropolitan area. We offer the items online inclusive of delivery as we believe buyers like to know the bottom line straight up. If a buyer outside of our standard postcode range wants to purchase that item or if the buyer has restricted delivery access, we will calculate additional charges to be paid by the buyer. Any additional charges will not affect the commission you pay.
You may incur delivery charges if your item is to be picked up from a place with restricted access. Please be sure to advise us in advance in accordance with our listing Guidelines and Rules.

Can I list my item simultaneously on another website?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

We’d like to think that Two Design Lovers is the best place to sell your pre-loved items as we are catering to a design loving community. It is a condition of listing with us that if you do offer your item for sale elsewhere you may not do so at a lower price (ex-delivery).

Can I list an item for less than $100?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

Two Design Lovers is not the right place to sell your pre-loved IKEA or low quality furniture. If you believe you have a unique and quality item that you are prepared to list for less than $100 please send an email with a photo of the item to for our consideration.

Do you accept lighting or electrical items?2019-03-01T05:40:13+11:00

Please send us an enquiry via our contact form if you have second hand lighting to sell.

Do I need a special camera to take photos of my item to list?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

No. You may take photos on a phone or camera. We do our magic to make your photo look good. Bear in mind that we can only work with what you give us. A photo taken in poor quality light that affects how the colour looks may mislead a buyer and cost you money for a valid Return. Have you read our Important Tips? They include our photography guidelines.

Do I get special rates if I have more than one item to sell?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

Find out if you qualify for our Professional Seller Programme here. Otherwise, our rates are fixed for all sellers.

When do I get paid?2019-03-01T05:42:09+11:00
  • As soon as your item sells, we begin the process of coordinating pick up and delivery. That can take up to 21 days depending on the availability and location of the buyer and seller, and the logistics schedule of the delivery provider.
  • Following delivery, we allow buyers 24 hours to notify us of any defect in the item.
  • If there is no issue, we process payments to sellers within 7 days following the expiry of that 24 hour period.
  • Sellers should note that, sometimes it might not be practical to deliver to the buyer on the same day the item is collected from the seller in which case the item will be safely stored by our professional delivery partner during the interim.
  • The time for payment will only start following the completed delivery to the buyer.
  • Typically payment will be received within 14 days of the item being picked up.
Why is the price of my item online different from the price I suggested for listing?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

All items are offered on the website inclusive of a standard delivery charge.

What should I do if my listed item is no longer available to sell?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

It’s a condition of listing an item for sale with Two Design Lovers that you notify us immediately if your item ceases to be available. You can send us an email at or contact us here. You can check our Terms and Conditions for further details.

What is Concierge Service?2018-12-06T02:37:27+11:00

If you are short on time, we can schedule an appointment where we come to your home to photograph and detail the item for your listing. We charge a $75 fee for this visit within the Sydney metropolitan area.

Please contact us to enquire about fees for other locations. The Concierge Service fee is payable up front via PayPal. Follow the link to Sell With Us and click on ‘Yes I want Concierge Service’.

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