Kristin Stojcevski, founder of Rocco Revolution, provides an exemplary lesson in perfecting your craft and learning from the ground up.

Right from the beginning when she commenced her studies at Enmore Design Centre Kristin knew she wanted to gain as much diverse experience as possible to build the foundations of her career as an interior designer.

“Knowledge is power!”, Kristin says. “I know how to stand up for myself and can approach my work with confidence.” Kristin chose to study part time so that along the way she could experience furniture retailing with Freedom Furniture, paint mixing and colour theory with Dulux, visual merchandising with David Jones and assisting at an interior design practise. All of the little tasks, the hard work, the understanding of the trades, the running around: these are all the experiences that have been crucial to get her to where she is today.

rocco revolution blog interior designer Kristin Stojcevski bedroom

After graduating, Kristin spent a couple of years in London gathering more feathers for her cap by designing bespoke furniture (at Mufti in Notting Hill) and then managing a team of designers at Laura Ashley. When she returned to Australia she eventually had the chance to put all of this experience and business acumen together into a fully fledged interior design consultancy. Rocco Revolution work in collaboration with architects and other professionals, doing the interior specifications for a mix of residential projects (rebuilds, renovations and decorating), display units for multi residential developments (designing the interiors for these multi-residential developments and then completing the display suites for sale purposes), hospitality and commercial spaces. It’s a busy practice, with 10 to 15 projects going at a time.

rocco revolution blog interior designer Kristin Stojcevski kitchen

How would you describe your style?

It depends on the day! Because I’m constantly sourcing on behalf of clients it’s hard not to get excited about a new tile or chair for example. I guess my style is masculine with quite an industrial edge. Above all I need my own space to be interchangeable. I love to play around. My partner will come home and doesn’t know where to put his keys or his bag – it’s all changed around!!

rocco revolution blog interior designer Kristin Stojcevski living room

Is there any person or place that has influenced your style?

I need layer, texture and colour in my life! I grew up with parents who favour a minimal, no clutter approach. I like an eclectic mix. I want it to feel like its been thought out. I can’t just put things away – I always need to arrrange them. In my home it’s a vignette everywhere you look. Maybe that’s a rebellion from my childhood!

Favourite designer?

Philippe Starck. Everything he has done – the furniture, the interiors, the products. If ever I’m travelling and get the chance to stay in a hotel he has designed or eat at a restaurant he has created, I do. I really admire the detail he puts into everything he does.

rocco revolution blog interior designer Kristin Stojcevski dining room

How to buck the trends and create something lasting and meaningful?

My advice to clients is to avoid following trends. Always pick something that you really like. If someone asks me for something ‘on trend’ I steer them away because the moment you classify something as ‘on trend’ it becomes dated! It’s so true.

I want to be able to walk away from a project and know it complements the family beautifully. I don’t want to create a display home for someone.

rocco revolution blog interior designer Kristin Stojcevski bathroom

Your interior design challenge?

Nurturing clients to lose their fear of colour.

Favourite spot in Sydney to take in the Sydney vibes?

(We met at The Carpenter, an industrial cafe space in Leichardt.) I’m a huge fan of hidden gems. I don’t like anything too done up. Like the Carpenter, tucked away in a side street where the focus is on food and coffee but the atmosphere is well considered. These are the kind of spaces that relax me. The attention to detail is great. I like to get stimulated by my surroundings but not necessarily by what’s on trend. I would rather go to the art gallery or be in nature to find inspiration than copying what others are doing.


What’s your favourite piece currently on Two Design Lovers and why?

I am a sucker for a good chair and cabinet so I’d have to say the Great Dane rosewood display cabinet. 

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