A rare edition No1/100 photograph on canvas by one of Australia’s most famed landscape photographers.
Tragically Richard and Carol Green and their friend John Davis, a documentary film maker, passed away on November 7th, 2015 when their helicopter crashed near the Hunter Valley.

Richard was best known for capturing landscapes that were remote and hard to reach and sometimes under threat from environmental impacts. Richard was known for being humble whilst achieving greatness and deeply committed to sustaining wilderness and the natural environment. These rare and highly collectable images are testament to a great artist and capture the Australian landscape at its best. Many of Richard’s images are a snapshot in time capturing landscapes before they are changed, scared or permanently altered by environmental impacts.

This photograph is a gift for someone who is interested in the Australian outback, environmental issues and the legacy of documenting extraordinary and rarely seen landscapes.

These images came directly from the Richard Green estate. The gallery price on this work was originally $1,100.

Edition 1 of 100
Titled ‘Symmetrical Silhouette’
Signed by the artist and dated 2007