A beautiful tribal Garden Panel Design (Khesti) Wool Rug. This rug is in excellent condition and displays the traditional individual squares (sometimes rectangular, diamond, or hexagonal) decorated with animals and plants. Each compartment has a different (and complementary to the others) color. The motifs include trees such as the willow and the cypress, grapevines, vases, and birds, etc.

This rug is perfect for defining different living areas. The vibrant earth colours will compliment both a modern or classic interior decorating scheme.

Brand/Maker/Artist: N/A

Model: N/A

Dimensions: H 3000mm x W 2000mm

Style: Contemporary

Materials: Wool, silk

Colour and pattern: Predominately red, yellow and warm earth tones displayed with a geometric design that is interspersed with floral and highlights of blue.

Condition: Excellent condition (as new, never used or hardly used with very minor signs of wear)

Defects: No defects