This one-of-a-kind coffee table has been designed and made by expert creators and
stonemasons. Utilising the unique concept of a ‘cross’ to build the legs, the effect is
a coffee table that appears to be floating! The table has been constructed bespoke
from ‘Cosmic Gold’ ‘leathered’ marble and made to precision. If you love marble,
but not its sheen, then you will love this table. The leathering process intentionally
removes the reflective layer off the marble, resulting is a slightly less smooth surface
with added perceptual depth. The former has a comforting ‘earthy’ feel and is
eminently more practical for keeping objects from sliding off. The visual result,
however, is breathtaking! To gaze upon this table, with its flecks of gold, cream and
amber is to get lost in the vast, limitless, mysterious Cosmos! A masterpiece in
design and execution, this one-off coffee table not only excels pragmatically, but it is
also a truly stunning piece of art. Perfect condition.