Blenko hand blown glass water bottles in shades of purple. These are vintage versions of the Blenko water bottle and highly collectible. The gradations in colour are beautiful, from deep plum purple to watery amethyst. Blenko glass was established in the US in Virginia in 1893 and the water bottle has become an iconic staple of the company since production started in 1938. Use it as a water bottle, a vase, a wine carafe or simply as decoration. Choose from 8 bottles, or they can also be purchased as a set here. Selling $160 per bottle or $1200 the set of 8.

Item Location: 2011

New/Resale: Resale

Artist: Blenko

Dimensions: H 200mm x W 160mm x D 65mm. 1 litre capacity.

Style: Contemporary, Mid Century Modern

Materials: Glass

Alterations and defects: None

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