Two Design Lovers is committed to promoting authentic design.

We aim to bring well made, original, quality home décor to as many people as possible. We believe good design is made to last. That is the ethos of the Two Design Lovers marketplace.

Design is a process

Interior design and decoration is a visual process. Naturally our first interpretation of what we like is based on what we see. When it comes to choosing furniture, while replica furniture may tick a first impression box, authentic design gives a great first impression and then goes further.

Two Design Lovers authentic design cassina cabinet
Nuage MX by Cassina

Design is a problem solving process. The weight, materials, strength and balance of a piece will be resolved to enable it to function for many years, to feel great, to be comfortable, to achieve its purpose, and to be visually satisfying.

Two Design Lovers authentic design superleggera
Gio Ponti’s ‘Superleggera’, or super light weight, chair

Replica furniture is a copy in looks only. The materials, comfort and manufacturing standards are compromised. When the quality is not so great, we are more likely to throw it away sooner rather than later.

The problem is, there is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw something away, it doesn’t magically disappear. It goes somewhere. The warning bells are ringing loudly: we have a responsibility to stop this ‘fast furniture’ mentality.

Two Design Lovers authentic design furniture disposal
There is no such thing as away…

Authentic design is honest

As consumers we need to be asking Who designed this furniture? Who manufactured it? What is it made of? Were the people who made it justly rewarded for their labour? Were toxic chemicals used? How much energy was needed to package and ship it?

Replica designer furniture rides on the reputation of the designer it was named after or copied from but doesn’t pay for the privilege. Unfortunately, Australia’s laws make it difficult for designers to protect their intellectual property. Manufacturers are able to take advantage of legal loopholes or expired copyright to make copies of the original without legally owing the designer anything.

Be a design lover too!

Join us in appreciating the designers who thoughtfully create beautiful, original, authentic furniture that is made to last

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Cover image source: Heide Museum of Modern Art publication, ‘Design For Life: Grant and Mary Featherston’ by Denise Whitehouse

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