Do you covet that turquoise sofa but when it comes down to it opt for the light grey one instead?
Why is it that decorating with colour can be daunting?

These designers show how colour brings life and soul to your home.

Where colour evokes a feeling of belonging

Koskela (pictured above) is an absolute treasure trove of textures and colours. Sasha and Russel Koskela, the clever design duo behind the brand show how beautiful contemporary interiors most definitely don’t need to be grey and neutral! Despite the collection being housed in a vast warehouse conversion, there’s no too-cool-for-school vibe here. Colour popped furniture alongside stacks of richly hued lamps, rugs, throws and art works send an invitation to stay a while and make yourself comfortable.

The Koskela showroom in Sydney’s Rosebery

Koskela are famous for their collaboration with the Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts. The Tili Wuru and Yuta Badayala light shades are created using woven natural fibres in an array of colour combinations to liven up any space.

Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour lamp shades
Tili Wiru Light Shades
Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour lamp shade
Yuta Badayala Light Shade

Other day to day pieces such as chairs and stools are given a fun and vibrant twist with colourful legs in bright, classic or seasonal tones. Mix up the brights or keep it pared back in more muted shades, Anything is possible…and that’s the message. Have fun with interior decorating – it doesn’t have to be serious business.

Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour - dining set
The Jake Chair available at Koskela

Where colour creates mood

Parisian designer India Madhavi is a master of colour. Her pink to the max interior design for London’s Sketch restaurant is one of the most Instagrammed in the world: rose coloured walls and ceiling, pink tiles and rose velvet banquettes with whimsical tulip chairs. The particular shade of pink was carefully chosen and is both gently caressing and uplifting all at once. In the hotel Maison Thoumieux largely monochrome and sombre hues are given a fun factor by clashing riotous patterns and injecting pops of yellow and green accessories. The result is sophisticated yet humorous: it’s a room to make the guest smile.

Two Design Lovers blog post decorating with colour India Madhavi hotel room

“Today we’re subjected to spending a lot of time dealing with these cold digital interfaces. I think we’re seeking visual comfort,” Mahdavi has said.

If you’re not sure about all pink, we can take more humble decorating advice from her book Home Chic: Decorating with Style. “The smallest pieces of furniture can make big statements when chosen for their boldness.” For instant chic, she suggests her “trademark ‘Bishop’ stool in turquoise, pink, yellow or gold is guaranteed to liven up any space. Add a scattering of bold, patterned cushions, and a throw, or a ‘fur’ for the sofa. These three simple accessories will lift the mood of any interior.”

Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour -India Madhavi

Where colour connects the elements

British interior designer Ilse Crawford is one of the most influential interior designers of the past decade. Her stated aim is to ‘create environments where humans feel comfortable’. Indeed, I believe I’d be very comfortable hanging out in any of the rooms she has designed! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but the kitchen and dining area in Dinder House must be close to perfection.

Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour dining room

Crisp white is repeatedly used to punctuate the space and connect the elements together against the backdrop of deep grey walls. Colour is added in repeated and varied tones of pink and green: in the multi coloured dining chairs and again in the fabulous marquetry cabinet by Studio Job. The magnificent gilt mirror reflects the expansive garden beyond the kitchen.

Two Design Lovers - The art of decorating with colour kitchen

The marriage of old and new is connected largely by colour. Each piece is so carefully chosen: nothing is superfluous but at the same time nothing is missing. Isn’t that the essence of great design?

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Cover image source: Koskela’s Sydney showroom, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery.

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