Grab a designer heirloom! We have 2 x cedar-coloured leather Koskela quadrant sofas with original black crosses & handles for sale. Iconic Australian furniture manufacturer, Koskela, has been producing the quadrant modular soft sofa since 2010. Loved for its lightweight structure and easy versatility, this sofa works well with both contemporary and traditional interior settings. Upholstered in full leather, the quadrant is known for its unlimited configuration options and easy maintenance with the covers being fully removeable. We have 2 single pieces for sale. They can be purchased separately ($1100) or together. (Negotiable if bought together) Please note these two are the original model and so vary slightly from the current website range. The lighter coloured leather grain in the first couple of styled photos only shows up in bright light. In the shade, the quadrant looks darker, like in the last few photos.