Design Within Reach Reid leather sofa. Cream coloured leather. Design Within Reach is a seller of top brand furniture (eg Herman Miller) in the US.

Designers Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk created the Reid Collection with comfort in mind. The plush, sink-right-in support of the down and feather wrapped foam cushions and down and feather filled back cushions result in an inviting spot for watching movies, reading, or surfing on a laptop. The perfect family sofa, it is upholstered in high quality leather that is in very good condition with very minimal signs of wear. It would benefit from a professional clean but is perfectly acceptable as is. There is one small puncture on the left side near the base and a light impression mark on the back top edge of one corner (may ease out over time). Purchased in the US. Recommended retail price USD $17,950 (c$25,000 AUD)