Who doesn’t enjoy and appreciate the beauty of an authentic designer piece of furniture? Fine craftsmanship, innovative design, high-quality materials and beautiful detailing are all features you would expect to find in high-end designer furniture. Maybe you’ve had your eye on an iconic original but the price tag is out of your reach? Here are our tips for sourcing furniture from all the brands you know and love like Eames, Knoll, Minotti, and B&B Italia but for a fraction of the retail price.

How to create a stylish and sustainable home with beautiful second-hand designer furniture

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No need to choose replica furniture!

Two Design Lovers believes it is far better to buy second-hand originals than resort to retailers who stock replicas. Replica furniture not only takes well-earned profits away from the designer who originally created the product, but they are usually made from inferior materials, sourced unsustainably, and sometimes manufactured in unethical conditions. If you want to know more about the problems with replica design, read our earlier blog on why we love authentic designer furniture.

In our disposable age think how refreshing it would be to buy quality furniture with inherent character that, instead of ending up in landfill, may actually increase in value. Unlike new, mass produced pieces that can result in your home feeling like a showroom completely lacking in soul and personality second-hand finds are sure to bring warmth, quality and interest to the overall interior scheme.

Two Design Lovers Platner Dining Chair & Table 8

Get the look.

This beautiful Warren Platner Dining set of 6 chairs and table is now available on Two Design Lovers for approximately $19,000 LESS than the RRP.

Two Design Lovers price $11,000 including Sydney/Melbourne delivery.

Local Design

Don’t forget we have great local designers in Australia too! If furniture from world famous brands such as Minotti, Fermob and Bo Concept is out of your budget right now, one alternative is to seek out local designers, makers or craftspeople. On Two Design Lovers you can see a selection of Australian designed furniture from local furniture designers who employ the same level of quality, principles, material selection and design elements that you admire from the international names.

Two Design Lovers currently has new and second hand listings from local Australian furniture designers including Koskela, Arthur G, Osier Belle and Reddie as well as locally crafted tables from Bago Woodworks and Cabarita Designs.

Osier Belle Luxe Teak Sofa

Get the look.

Osier Belle make luxury outdoor furniture, designed by founder Penny Camplisson in Sydney
Save $1,500 on the RRP on this Luxe Teak Sofa.

Read more about Osier Belle here.

Finding the best second-hand designer pieces

Online auction houses, Ebay and Gumtree are sources of second hand furniture. But, knowing what to look for and, more importantly, how to separate the good stuff from the bad, isn’t always easy! The selection on Two Design Lovers is curated. All items are selected for their quality and brand name pieces are checked for authenticity.

Two Design Lovers Moroso Take a Line for a Walk black swivel chair with footstool

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Moroso ‘Take a Line for a Walk’ swivel armchairs with matching footstools in black or orange.
Save up to  $10,000 on the RRP

Two Design Lovers price $3,600 and $4000 respectively, including Sydney/Melbourne delivery.

Two Design Lovers Moroso Take a Line for a Walk orange swivel chair with footstool

Above all look for reputable sites. The first and most important step when shopping for second-hand designer furniture online is finding a reputable webite. A vetted marketplace (ie one where a curator has approved all items before selling) ensures that the pieces on the site will list the full details about condition, age, provenance and brand. It also means that the website will stand behind the objects that they are selling.

Some quick tips for identifying a keeper and buying online:

  1. Check for original and authentic branding. The real products from places like Knoll, Herman Miller or Kartell all have specific brand stamps and tags.
  2. Spend some time online researching the specific item you are looking for and understand all the authentic versions the brand or designer ever released.
  3. Pay particular attention to the details. Look for high-quality materials, finishes and strong stitching.
  4. Don’t forget to pull out your tape measure. It may seem obvious but all too-often shoppers purchase a piece they love before determining whether or not it will actually fit in their home. Do not only focus on the beautiful pictures but make sure you check the actual dimensions and whether it will fit through your entrance doors and around the halls!

But above all, remember good design lasts and nothing beats that feeling of finding a truly beautiful designer piece at a fraction of the retail cost!

Happy Hunting.

How to create a stylish and sustainable home with beautiful second-hand designer furniture

Image: Marylou Sobel Interior Design

How to create a stylish and sustainable home with beautiful second-hand designer furniture

Image: Marylou Sobel Interior Design

Get the look.

Incredible ‘Circle’ sofa from Walter Knoll via Living edge. Buy for $27000 LESS than RRP.

Two Design Lovers price $8000 including Sydney/Melbourne delivery.

Walter Knoll Circle Sofa via Living Edge 2
Cover image: GQ Magazine

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