/Dining Room Rugs – Get Inspired

Dining Room Rugs – Get Inspired

Add some style to your meal times with a perfect rug underfoot. We’ve compiled a gallery of 16 beautifully inspirational dining rooms that feature an area rug.

Some are dramatic, some are muted, some complement, others clash. Get your ideas flowing and be sure to check out our current selection of rugs here.

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Boldly Patterned and Two Toned Rugs

Two tone geometrics make for a lively, casual feel. Boldly patterned rugs immediately bring casual elegance to a dining space such as the dining area of the Armidale House (above) by Wonder architects which features a black and white alternating block patterned rug.

Below, black and white geometrics ensure a contemporary finish, despite an eclectic mix of modern and antique furniture.

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs eclectic furniture black and white rug

Add more pizzazz with colour! When ‘Wow!’ is what you’re aiming for, Jonathan Adler knows bold pattern and clashing colours are your best friends.  

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs blue and white rug Jonathan Adler
Architectural Digest – Jonathan Adler

Colour and pattern can both be more subtle but still pack a punch. The triangular patterned rug below in soft blue and white is a lovely contrast to the pops of colour in the furniture, creating a bright sunny space to start the day.

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs pale blue and white rug
Apartment Therapy

Or, below, this Knoll tulip table is the centrepiece of a homely array of bold textiles and patterns in aqua and orange. 

Two Design Lovers dining room Elias Associates Knoll table with aqua rug
Elias Associates

Rugs That Bring a Scheme Together

A rug can be the perfect element within a room to pick up various colours and to tie styles together. The bones of this traditional room are given a contemporary twist with the table, chairs and light fitting. The subtle tones of the rug complement the whole scheme resulting in a great example of fusing traditional and modern elements.

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs old and new styles
Glitter Guide

Softly toned pattern brings just enough colour and texture to tie together the elements of this contemporary version of mid century modern styling.

Two Design Lovers dining room West Elm mid century modern with grey rug
West Elm

Tone on tone: repeated warm tones allow the black and white details to pop.

Two Design Lovers dining room the Makerista with persian rug
The Makerista

All About Colour

Sometimes the simple addition of a rug is all a room needs. Below are examples where beautiful furniture and architecture largely stand alone but the addition of a rug with colour, texture or pattern adds the finishing touch. 

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs purple rug
MGA Architects Reservoir Home
Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs Blackband design beige upholstered chairs
Blackband Design, Newport Harbour
Two Design Lovers dining room Tali Roth Persian rug
Tali Roth Designs

Eclectic Mix

Clash patterns and styles in an eclectic mix to make a decorating statement. A carefully chosen rug proves method in the madness!

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs eclectic patterned rug

The Shape of Things

It’s certainly not a hard and fast rule but a rug that suits the shape of your table is a good guide. If you have a circular table, you might consider a circular rug.

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs circular table
Adore Magazine

Keep it Simple

The sheer simplicity of a rug can help to convey the message that the room, though beautifully furnished, is a space to be enjoyed without pretension. 

Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs black and white striped rug
The D Pages
Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs nordic brown rug
My Scandinavian Home
Two Design Lovers Dining Room Rugs butcher stripe rug
JDP Interiors

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