Bo Concept was founded in 1952 by two Danish craftsmen and cabinet makers. The functionalism sweeping through Danish design during the 50s was highly influential and that combination of practicality and aesthetic values holds true until today. BoConcept specializes in customizable modern Danish furniture and accessories designed by internationally known designers.

About Bo Concept

Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm founded their furniture business in 1952 with the ambition to introduce quality Danish furniture to a broader audience. The name, BoConcept is derived from the Danish word ‘bo’ which means ‘living’ or ‘to live’… the ‘Living Concept’, the concept of living. Basically, it describes the holistic approach BoConcept takes to creating furniture for every room in the house, while still remaining true to the Danish heritage.

During the early days of the company they were able to combine traditional craftsmanship with Denmark’s wave of late industrialisation. This allowed them to meet increasing demand. They were able to speed up production and keep costs low, without compromising the quality the customers loved. Jens and Tage stood on the principles that made Danish design admired around the world: simplicity, craftsmanship, elegant functionality and quality materials.

The headquarters sits in the same location since 1962 – an analogy to the brand: design excellence rooted in heritage with a keen eye to the future.

Two Design Lovers Bo Concept history and founder
Image of Jens Ærthøj, one of the original founders of Bo Concept

The ‘50s, was the era of the exciting Scandinavian furniture design revolution and the concept rapidly surged globally. The clean lines, the attention to the maxim, “Form follows function”, captured imaginations. The fledgling company produced dining room furniture, then added cabinets and wall systems. By 1970 the employee roster had doubled and the product lines included beds, wall systems and bookcases. They became a limited company, A/S AEJM MOBLER. In 1979, the first flexible furniture system in Denmark appeared and the concept of interaction with customers began to evolve.

Two Design Lovers Bo Concept contemporary dining room with mariposa chair
Milano table, Mariposa Deluxe chair, Como Wall System by Bo Concept

Today, Bo Concept is a premium international lifestyle brand with close to 300 stores globally. They design, produce and sell contemporary furniture with a distinctly Danish aesthetic. The range includes furniture, accessories and lighting for living, dining, sleeping, home office and outdoor spaces.

Key in the collection is a range of iconic armchairs that have become synonymous with the brand.

Two Design Lovers Bo Concept armchairs
L to R: Adeliade, Imola, Lucca, Reno, Athena, Veneto, Boston armchairs by Bo Concept

Bo Concept’s success has been driven by its collaboration with influential designers to produce the collections and offering customers individual possibilities and choices.

Two Design Lovers Bo Concept sofa detail
Bo Concept has a strong focus on design details
Two Design Lovers Bo Concept contemporary furniture
A combination of fine craftsmanship with contemporary design is the hallmark of Bo Concept

Bo Concept is a brand of enduring appeal that has built its success on producing finely crafted objects for the home. By partnering with leading designers, the company has secured its place as a global supplier of high end yet accessible contemporary design.

By purchasing a Bo Concept item you are assured of a quality piece of furniture that has been well considered.

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