We are firm believers that mixing old and new decor together creates the most fabulous interiors that have character, life and soul. But where is the line between great style and bad taste? Simply throwing a whole lot of mismatched things together may technically be ‘eclectic’ but is it stylish? We’ve gathered a gallery of images to help navigate the way through this style soiree.  

‘Eclectic’ means to derive ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

At Two Design Lovers we believe the best interiors are those with an interesting and soulful mix of old and new. Many of the interiors we love to highlight are where the home owner or designer has started with special, unique pieces that have been collected over time. It’s these pieces that tell the story of the owner’s place, interests and travels. Sometimes cherished pieces may have been passed down through the family, or perhaps there was a lucky flea market find that is a story in itself. With Two Design Lovers, it’s easy to find second hand designer furniture to start a new chapter in your home’s story.

Image: Designer Nadia Schnack’s apartment, The New York Times

While professional designers make bold decisions look easy, for us mere mortals at home it can be challenging to know how to combine our most cherished possessions, functional furniture and fabulous new finds to best effect. There’s a line between ‘eclectic’ and bad taste that can be crossed where it all becomes a jumble. We’ve gathered images of some of our favourite interiors to show how an array of styles and ideas can successfully meet.

Mix and Match

It’s important to have a dining space that puts people at ease and where the conversation can flow. A mix of chairs around a dining table can instantly create a welcoming and casual atmosphere. It’s easy to find one off preowned chairs in a variety of styles and shapes. Keep to a theme, such as all wood, or mix it up completely – the images below show anything is possible. The key is to keep the rest of the furniture and decor minimal. Notice how in each of the rooms below there is no rug competing for attention!



Use Colour

For design lovers who can’t choose a single style, use colour to tie things together. Strongly coloured walls as a backdrop is unifying and allows individual pieces from different eras to sit comfortably alongside each other.  Similarly, keeping soft furnishings tone on tone will create a common theme that works.



Or simply pick up a colour in the furniture that is repeated in the decor. Repurposing second hand furniture, such as these filing drawers that have been mounted on castors, can achieve the look of designer furniture when styled with flair. The mismatched yet of-a-kind lamps are the icing on the cake.



Choose accessories with varying shapes and heights. We love the little grouping of vessels atop this mid-century Danish style cabinet. They are nicely offset by the small statue and the vase of flowers with complementary coloured blooms.


Furniture can be very effective as an accessory too! This amazing chair is a feature piece that makes us stop and take it all in. We admire the gorgeous scale of the mirror and detailed front of the credenza… and then turn our gaze to the chair whose severe pointed rails and lofty heights bring us back again to the mirror.


Place Old & New Together

The surprising juxtaposition of old and new styles is a confident decorating statement. We love the clever use of this Louis Ghost chair next to an antique style writing desk. It works because the chair is a traditional shape albeit in a very contemporary material. Especially next to this chair, the table has the daintily crafted aura of a fine antique (though is most likely a reproduction). Together it’s an interesting and successful combination.


Below, the little upcycled side table is a beautiful addition in this contemporary living space. The matt black finish helps bring it into the present day though its shape and solidity give it a quiet sense of belonging in a family home. Pre-loved furniture is easily given new life with the huge range of paint finishes available these days specifically for this purpose.


Go all out!

Eclectic interiors that are ‘full’ can work if you choose a few feature elements to dominate. For example, the black and white striped rug is visually commanding and sets the stage for the deep blue velvet sofa and the accents of red and pink. The books, prints and other decorative objects simply blend in as a supporting cast.


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Title image: AD Germany

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